8 Tips On How To Debloat

hello my beauties you know what’s terrible it is terrible to look pregnant when you’re actually not especially to a point where strangers congratulate you on the street but all you really did is either overeat or you’re on your period actually for those who are lactose intolerant you might also experience bloating but of course there’s also the gas and the pain and apparently over 90% of Asian Americans experience that because they can’t tolerate dairy but that’s another topic now first let’s talk about bloating bloating is a result of overeating excess gas and stomach and of course period cramps most common is when we notice stomach being bigger after a heavy meal feeling super gassy and then obviously there’s the PMS which is a whole different story half of our stomach is actually filled with swallowed air and the stomach bloats up from gas produced by the bacteria in the intestines to digestive food that we ate of course the more difficult it is to digest the food the more gas your stomach will produce so not only do we want to look better in clothes and not to be mistaken for carrying a child we also don’t want to feel bloated because it’s not a good feeling so here we go today I’m going to share with you my seven tips on how to do bloat number one is drink a cup of hot water with lemon every morning when you wake up not only it is going to wake you up it’s also going to wake up your stomach and it’s also great to drink it during or after meal the lemon contains a ton of vitamin C and due to the sourness it helps to produce saliva which will aid in the digestion process number two is avoid drinking coffee milk soy for breakfast switch it to almond milk which doesn’t actually contain any dairy or yogurt with probiotics and not the ones with a lot of sugar and corn syrup and all that stuff the probiotics and the yogurt is good for bacteria that helps you stomach feel better and digest a food better number three is avoid consuming carbonated drinks like sodas especially when they claim to be diet as there is usually contain a ton of sugar and of course alcohol is out of the question it will form gas in a stomach but it also makes your face bloat it is known that it has a combination of sugar and toxins and the alcohol that makes your body go a bit cuckoo so instead opera ginger lemongrass tea the ginger although seems I see it’s actually really a calming hub it helps relieve gases and reduces intestinal activity it also thins out the blood to increase blood circulation so it’s also effective in relieving pain number four is avoid eating greasy foods especially fast food as a combination of high sodium and grease will cause your insides to go a little cuckoo having said that oil itself doesn’t really cause you to bloat it actually keeps you fuller for longer however if you do have irritable bowel syndrome and other related illnesses the grease can actually trigger bloating same goes for fast foods or processed food that is high in sodium as salt messes up with the water balance of your body and cause water retention in certain areas hence making you feel and look bigger than you actually are number five is being the most common form of bloating that is actually swallowing air itself it is important to try avoid chewing gum and eat slower as I’ve mentioned in how to take care of your stomach video the process of a digestion starts with chewing the food if you chew your food longer and slower you’re helping your stomach and your intestines do all the hard work making it more manageable for it to be broken down and absorbed by the body sometimes when you smoked your food without

actually chewing you are risking the information of your gastrointestinal tract which will cause bloating and as your body will do extra work to help compact that number six is berries you got blueberries strawberries raspberries they’re all high in water content which helps flush out all your system and it’s rich in fiber which can aid in moving the food through the intestines quicker you can also relieve constipation which is one of the biggest course in Mal bloating number seven last but not least is meditation or sleep a lot of the times bloating can be caused by anxiety and stress and meditation helps with not only blood circulation but it also helps to clear the mind and you’ll find it can also assist in managing your stress anxiety meditating for just 15 to 20 minutes a day will not only calm your mind your stomach but also your heart and of course you could always take a nap and rest your body when you’re sleeping your body goes into rejuvenation mode so it will help you fight against the causes that makes you feel bloated a lot of times when you overeat you go into like a food coma and all you want to do is sleep right don’t you feel less full and less bloated after waking up from a nap and of course after mentioned here there are some severe cases of bloating where you will need to go seek medical attention to avoid it from getting any worse now I’m going to show you some pressure points to help you deployed to locate the first pressure point first find your belly button and then use four fingers place it above your belly button and then the first pressure point is directly above there press down firmly and massage for 2 to 3 minutes clockwise and anti-clockwise you start to feel a little bit of ache and your mouth will start to water it’s a little bit of sour feeling but this one helps to eliminate gas and also helps to deflate to your stomach the second pressure point is only one finger apart so find your belly button again and it’s just just one finger above your belly button is an X pressure point also press down firmly and massage 2 to 3 minutes this one not only helps to eliminate water retention but at the same time helps with any stomach ache you might have now the last pressure point is directly underneath so if you find your belly button and these four fingers measure directly underneath your belly button and the pressure point is right there will increase the activity of your intestines and help your body to eliminate fat a lot quicker so that was my tips and some pressure points on how to come back bloating if you have any other tips and tricks share below because sharing is caring you can always contact me on Facebook Twitter and Instagram now I’m also snapchatting so it’s everywhere I’m everywhere and as usual and I will see you soon bye