11 Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Eleven Secrets the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look stunning in spite of age or trouble we confess to being a little jealous of em? But we understand they’ve got an army of personal beauty and herself However the fundamentals of effective care are simple and brilliant Pay attention to the top three they work wonders for anyone

number 11 don’t Discount the benefits of Sunscreen Beautiful and healthy skin can’t be achieved without regular use of sunscreen Amy Macdonald a cosmetics expert who worked with Madonna Says that any other efforts you make will be in vain if you neglect this rule Another Celebrity cosmetologist Dr.. Lancer Advises the use of cream with Spf no less than 30 reapplied during the day

Number 10 don’t over dry your skin if there’s an inflammation Close ND spot creams containing Benzoyl peroxide that drive the skin aggravates inflammation and increases production of sebum Alcohol acts similarly, so you won’t get rid of spots like this Dr.. Harold lancer recommends turning your attention to exfoliating the salicylic or lactic acid and cleansing mask would play

number nine never forget about your neck The neck is one part of a woman’s body. They give it away its owner’s age almost at one So it’s very important to take good care of it The skin here is sin and requires care as delicate as your face does go further than your chin and you’ll be fine

number eight Rub an ice Cube into your skin Santa Monica’s dermatologist, Dr.. Ava Sham, Ban advises rubbing your skin with an ice cube for a few seconds to prevent a goal from Westin This simple trick stimulates circulation and your skin starts positively glowing

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